india vol 1 - Jama Masjid

One of the place I wished we could stay longer would be Delhi, as we only managed to stay there for 1 Day. So to maximize our stay in the 42c steaming hot weather*, we visited the 3 must sees in Old Delhi first. *(Coming up: The best weather to travel in India)

Jama Masjid (जामा मस्जिद)

Jama Masjid is one of the largest and best known Mosque in India, built by red sandstone, the mosque is like a shy shining ruby situated in the Old Delhi where the area is comparative less developed than the main area in Delhi. When our driver, Ashok, drove us through the little alleys in the area, he was keep complaining on how dirty and crowded the street was. We found it funny because being a Delhi-er himself, he would hardly enter this area on his own. Nonetheless we came to gate no. 3 of this magnificent mosque and took off our shoes as instructed to enter our first stop in Delhi. Later on I read that there were 2 Taiwanese tourists got shot by the very same spot we were standing by 2 gunmen..ummmmm

Entering the main mosque by walking on the trail to avoid heat burning our feet

 Gate No. 3  facing the Ivory Mart Jewellers - it was a peaceful day

The Islamic Point Arches along the ceilings
Chilling in the prayer hall

Little boy chilling on the marble floor

Main entrance of the prayer hall facing South (Gate No. 1) lead to a water pond

One of my favourite pictures - little brothers chilling on marble floor

On the sideways of the hall, there are families chilling in the hallways

We spent a good hour in the mosque, not only you are continuously amazed by the beautiful Islamic architecture, but how cool the air could be inside the prayer hall despite the suffocating heat out there. When it was time to say good bye, we went back to Gate No. 3 and slowly went on another journey to search for our shoes for another 5 minutes. It was the time when the first kid, one of the first kid asked for money as a service fee to "look after" our shoes. He asked for 30 rupees and I really hesitated for 30 secs whether this is legit. When I came to a conclusion it is another con, suetyi my dear travel buddy grabbed my hand and started running until we saw Ashok again. "No Money No Money" Ashok said.. Okay Ashok will stay strong from now on to your fellows!


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